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Re: [eclipselink-users] Defining persistence.xml programmatically?

Hi Shaun!

2009/11/16 Shaun Smith <shaun.smith@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Dirk,

Dirk Hermanns wrote:

What i would like to have even more is, that each bundle has it's own fragment of the persistence.xml file. Each one should contain
only that Entity classes of the osgi bundle itself.
There's currently no support for persistence.xml "fragments" but it is an interesting idea.

Is this possible? The reason behind this is, that i want to modularize my system into osgi bundles. Each bundle has its own
entities, but they are all running in the same database. And i would like to have only one emf, so that i can share the entities
among all bundles.
I understand what you're trying to achieve but there's nothing now.  We'd have to think about and investigate how this could be done.  Can you file an enhancement request for this?
Sure -  if you can point me to the destination where i can do this ;)

In the attached link you are talking about:
""Just to confirm that in pre 2.0 EclipseLink you do need all of your entities in the same bundle as your persistence.xml for weaving to work""

So will the distribution of entities only work für EclipseLink 2.0? Is there already a release date for 2.0?
Distribution should work pre-2.0.  It's only weaving that will not work across multiple bundles pre-2.0.  You should be able to get something working and when you upgrade to 2.0 weaving will be possible.  The current GA date is December 10th, 2009.  You can find the project calendar here:"">


Thx a lot,

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