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Re: [eclipselink-users] Defining persistence.xml programmatically?


Shaun Smith wrote:
> "I'm working on it in conjunction with enabling byte code weaving in 
> Equinox. ;-)  This is a ways off so hopefully you can live with listing 
> the classes for now.  I expect we'll see a big improvement in the ease 
> of use as we transition over to OSGi in EclipseLink and we get more 
> experience with it."

Is there anything new regarding Equinox support? It seems to us that auto
discovering ist still not working with equinox - or am i missing something?

Further more, i would like to have Entities distributed over multiple osgi
bundles, but they should be in the same persistence unit (so that e.g.
transactions are working). We are using the different bundles to modularize
our application. 

I was searching a lot about this topic but can't find something about it.
Can anyone help about my 2 questions?

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