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Re: [eclipselink-users] Re: rcp, osgi, and dynamic weaving

Hi Ted,

I believe the hook APIs were added in Equinox in Ganymede (3.4) - though someone can correct me if I am wrong.

We certainly have not tested the dynamic weaving on a pre-Ganymede version. The best bet for users on earlier versions is to use static weaving. Here is some info about our weaving support:


Ted Pricer wrote:
Maybe. Did you mean:
which were both referenced in this thread.

Assuming that is what you meant, then I can provide a few more details
that may be important:
I've modified the org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.equinox.weaving manifest
file to use bundle-version 3.3.0 (my current target platform).
I've set breakpoints in the WeavingConfigurator class, which are not hit.

Are you aware of anything that could be preventing the discovery of
the HookConfigurator?


On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Tom Ware <tom.ware@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Appologies... answers to my emails in the wrong order.

What I meant to say for this email is that I do expect this to work.

There should be two bundles that are deployed to allow this to work.

org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.weaving is a component of EclipseLink and org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.weaving.equinox is a fragment for Equinox.

Are you using both of these?


Tom Ware wrote:
Hi Mike,

 One question, one comment:

- In EMImpl.flush(), you do a check to see whether we are within a flush before toggling the withinFlush variable, but the call to write is not in the same if statement.  Are there cases where we could get into flush() with withinFlush set to true where we would still want writeChanges to execute?
- In EJBQueryImpl.executeReadQuery, you directly access the withinFlush variable in entityManager.  Stylistically, I would prefer to see that access through an accessor method.


Ted Pricer wrote:
Does this currently work with an RCP based application? I've tried
including the fragments in my project but haven't seen any dynamic
weaving taking place. In fact the WeavingConfigurator isn't being
instantiated (it looks to me like that is where the weaving libraries
get incorporated at runtime).

I'm currently launching via an eclipse debug configuration.
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