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[eclipselink-users] Question concerning static weaving for JBoss 4.2 and its integartion into the eclipse build and deploy processes

Hi all,

We're currently investigating the advantages and disadvantages of a switch from hibernate to eclipselink for our EJB3 based system.

The system runs inside JBoss 4.2 with a mysql database and is packaged and deployed as an .ear File.
We're using Eclipse Version 3.4.1 as IDE.

After reading the eclipselink documentation it seems to me that we have to use static weaving due to some classloader issues in Jboss.

Okay, so far - I know how to weave using an ant task but is there a simple way to integrate this weaving step into the build&deploy process of eclipse which is triggered when I press the "Start" Button in the "Server"-View?

My first approach was to add an additional (Ant-)Builder to the project which only contains the weave-task and place it directly beneath the java-builder.

In some cases it works, but it seems that sometimes the weaving starts before the compiling has finished and also there are warnings about "out-of-sync"- class files because the project is not refreshed after weaving.

Any hints?

Manfred Schenk

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