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Re: [eclipselink-users] Location of

This would be a reasonable request to enter in bugzilla.

cowwoc wrote:
I would suggest modifying the main build.xml so it prints out "user.dir" and
the values of top-level variables right at the beginning of the build. This
would help debugging these problems.


Tom Ware wrote:
Apparently ant has issues finding user.home in some environments.  Other
options include:

- making changes in the in the trunk directory (and, for committers, being careful not to check it in)
- Specifying the overrides as system properties


cowwoc wrote:
Odd. I tried that (placing in the home dir). Overriding
junit.lib didn't work for me.


mobrien wrote:
	See trunk>build.xml and the precedence order.

<project name="trunk" default="build" basedir=".">
    <dirname  property="" file="${ant.file.trunk}"/>
    <!-- Allows a user to overide certain user specific properties. -->
    <property file="${user.home}/"/>
    <property file="./"/>

	If you override properties in your own file you will
need to modify the secondary one in the trunk.

	The <user-home> ie: in windows
		"C:\Documents and Settings\mfobrien\
		where I am overriding jdbc.driver.jar as


	You may also want to override database settings in your own as well for things like the following

	thank you

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Subject: [eclipselink-users] Location of reads "Define a
file in your user home directory" but in fact is found
the repository root directory not the user's home directory. Can someone
please update this?

I tried in my home directory and it did nothing.

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