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Re: [eclipselink-users] Paging large record set with EclipseLink Query using Sybase runs out of memory

I did a quick search and Sybase does support a LIMIT syntax for pagination,
if you log a bug please include this.

James Sutherland wrote:
> I'm not sure if Sybase supports pagination similar to Oracle.  If it does
> please log a bug and include the SQL syntax required on Sybase.  You could
> extend the Sybase platform with such syntax if it exists (please
> contribute the patch if you do).  Or you could use the native SQL query in
> your code.
> It is odd that you run out of memory with firstResult, it will basically
> skip over the firstResult rows, so there should be nothing holding them in
> memory, it could be a JDBC driver issue.  Make sure you create a new
> EntityManager for each page query, and ensure you are using a weak cache. 
> You may also try increasing your JVM memory.
> You may also be able to page by some field in your object.  i.e. where
> > 'A' and < 'C' (and page through A-Z).
> gsilverman wrote:
>> Has anyone found a way to page a large record set in EclipseLink without
>> running out of memory using Sybase?
>> I have a zip code entity, Zip, which basically maps to a zip table
>> storing zip codes, city, state and country information with 100,000s of
>> rows.
>> When I query using:  
>>                 String query = "select z from Zip z";
>>                 Query q = entityManager.createQuery(query);
>> 		q.setFirstResult(firstResult)
>> 		.setMaxResults(100)
>> 		.getResultList();
>> Everything is fine up to firstResult = 15000, but I get
>> "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
>> errors for firstResult greater than that.
>> I'm using Sybase as the underlying database, and I see in 
>>  a workaround for
>> Oracle. Does anyone have a fix for Sybase?

--- James Sutherland
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