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Re: [eclipselink-users] EclipseLink readme doesn't tell about known bugs and application server supported

Feel free to log a documentation bug to have any specific bugs documented in
the release notes.  Or create a know bugs page on the wiki.

As far a WebSphere goes, it is currently tested nightly with EclipseLink. 
If you are encountering any issues with WebSphere please log the issue in
Bugzilla.  I agree the wiki should include which applications servers and
environments are being tested and the results.  Currently only the nightly
run, run within Eclipse is sent to the dev mailing list, which only runs the
LRGs on MySQL.  This is because we cannot, or there are legal/technical
issues with putting WebSphere or other third party products on the Eclipse
servers.  Within Oracle we do run the complete set of tests and do run
nightly tests on other servers and databases.

I'm not sure if other committers are testing EclipseLink on other
application servers but the environments EclipseLink is currently being
tested within Oracle include:
- Oracle WebLogic 10.1
- Oracle WebLogic 10.3
- Oracle OC4J 10.1.3
- IBM WebSphere 6.1
- JBoss 4.2
- Spring 2.5
- Oracle DB 11
- Oracle DB 10
- MySQL 5
- DB2 9
- Sybase 15
- SQL Server 2005
- Sun JDK 1.5
- Sun JDK 1.6

I believe that our Sun committers also test EclipseLink on Glassfish.

Results for WebSphere, below.  There are a few tests failing currently, but
they are only related to the tests incorrectly creating queries before the
JTA transaction begins, (other servers seem to be ok with this, but the
tests need to be updated).

JPA tests on websphere(version 6.1)
Database server: oracle(version 10.2)
Directory: trunk/jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/
Ant target: server-test-lrg
Tests Failures Errors Success rate Time 
140 0 19 86.43% 31.217 
JUnit Test Report ANT log 

Sebastien Tardif-2 wrote:
> Please provide more information in the readme about what are the bugs
> known and not yet fixed in the release and on which application servers
> EclipseLink has been tested.
> I have been using WebSphere with TopLink, which is certified so I
> wrongly assumed that EclipseLink was also tested/certified with
> WebSphere.

--- James Sutherland
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