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Re: [eclipselink-users] Unrecognized persistence provider

mobrien wrote:
> RMMM, Hi,
> 	The part of the code that is failing is looping through all persistence
> providers in your classpath.
> 	It looks like it found your default-shipped OpenJPA provider first, try
> putting the eclipselink.jar higher in your classpath or temporarily
> removing/disabling the OpenJPA jars.
> 	If you are running one of the following containers like Geronimo,
> WebSphere 6.1, Spring 2 or WebLogic 10 you may run into this issue.

Hang on, now I'm really confused. Doesn't the NoClassDefFound exception mean
that it *didn't* find the openJPA library? There are no OpenJPA jars in my
classpath. I assumed it meant that something is calling explicitly for
OpenJPA but it's not present. Isn't that so?

I'm using plain Java and none of the containers you've listed.

In general, I consider it poor design if a library doesn't play well will
others, does something that creates exceptions in normal use, requires a
programmer to waste hours debugging and seeking help in newsgroups and
resorting to kludges like rearranging the classpath, ...

If the libraries listed on the "powered by OpenJPA" page are doing anything
like that, I'll regard that page as a blacklist of libraries that I will ban
from projects I'm involved with. But before doing so, I want to be
completely clear that that is what you are claiming about them.

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