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Re: [eclipselink-users] Does OSGI work?

Title: Re: [eclipselink-users] Does OSGI work?


First, let me thank you for responding so quickly. The golden rule (that entities cannot cross classload boundaries) is something i already kind of suspected, yet a workaround as mentioned by Bryan would be very nice indeed.
Also i think any blog-post considering eclipselink and rcp/osgi that goes a little into detail about modularity would be much, much appreciated not only by me. My problem is that every example i found works with just ONE plugin, that contains every dependency, the DB-drivers, the eclipselink functionality AND the data with mappings. This is nothing i can use (for obvious reasons, as i want to design an open platform-like framework).
If i understand you correctly, my approach using extension points for database-related stuff should work, but i must have all eclipselink related stuff in the same plugin as my data-objects and mappings? is this correct? so if i later am to develop a new plugin with new objects, i have to duplicate much of the code/dependencies related to eclipselink? Or did i understand you wrong (sorry, i am still kind of overwhelmed by the whole subject)?


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