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RE: [eclipselink-users] Does EclipseLink avoid the restrictions ofToplink Essentials? (Performance issues)


> 2.) Pagination (MySQL)
> I am using a MySQL 5 Database. JPA supports pagination 
> through the methods
> "setFirstResult(...)" and "setMaxResults(...)". When 
> executing a query with
> firstResults and maxResults being set, Toplink Essentials 
> will NOT create an
> SQL statement with a LIMIT clause (the LIMIT clause is used 
> to constrain the
> number of rows). So all database rows are fetched. Will 
> EclipseLink behave
> the same or does it produce a "correct" SQL statement that 
> includes the
> LIMIT clause? For me, this is a very important requirement.

There is a feature request in Eclipse Bugzilla already:

I needed the same function and enhanced the proposed patch.

Maybe you can vote for this issue.

Kind regards,

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