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Re: [eclipselink-users] JPA Eclipse Plugins vs JDev Toplink

You like to use a base class for your entities and Dali doesn't have a
way to create one? If that's the problem, you're right at this time
Dali doesn't support that at this time, though I'm sure it'll be
coming soon.  In the mean time it's not hard to make those changes
using the Eclipse IDE tools...refactoring, etc.


On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 8:29 PM, Frans Thamura <frans@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 6:45 AM, Tim Hollosy <hollosyt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dali does a perfectly serviceable job of generating entities, we've
>> used it for hundreds of complex tables with relationships, etc. and it
>> definitely beats doing it by hand.  It will only get better, and it's
>> open source so if there are features we want we can always contribute
> i tried it, and compare with my own JPA entity, there is an extra
> class, (like common class for me)
> any idea?
> F
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