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[eclipselink-users] Handling db specific datatypes, specifically PgSQL CIDR

PostgreSQL (and soon MySQL) provides custom data types dealing with IP networking.

They effectively hide the implementation details of storage used to hold integral representations of CIDR and INET addresses. Doing this allows the DB to use whatever internal representation it needs for ~24 bytes on a particular platform. So, in short, there is a valid reason to use them. ;)

In any case, is there a "recommended" way for integrating eclipselink and DB specific types?

Eg., I have an annotated class that I would like to include CIDR fields in. The CIDR input to pgsql is a string and the db provides several utility functions of some interest. My main concern is simply being able to CIDR with eclipselink persistent entities.

Here is some info if needed...



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