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Re: [eclipselink-users] Trouble with Maven repository/artifacts

Hi Jon,

The URL you list should be correct (

The other URL you have listed is the wiki with the instructions. Have you had a look at it?

From what I can tell from your error message, you are trying to get some Spring bundles. Is that correct? If so, you will likely need a different repository to get it. Take a look at the wiki with the instructions to see what you can get from our repository - there is even some sample POM xml.

If the above doesn't help, let us know what the parts of your pom.xml entries for EclipseLink look like and a full list of the error messages you are seeing are.


kosmjon wrote:
The wiki says to use:
and a post from March says to use:

Adding either of these repos to my parent POM results in errors such as
Reason: Error getting POM for 'org.springframework.osgi:junit.osgi' from the
repository: Unable to read local copy of metadata:
Cannot read metadata from
a-eclipselink-repository.xml': end tag name must match start tag name from line 70 (position: START_TAG seen ... /skins/eclipse/wiki_header.jpg ... @70:74)
I was able to pull some artifacts down, but the .pom files contained HTML
(from the wiki?) and the jars were the wrong sizes and appeared to have
nothing in them.

I was able to manually pull the stuff down and artificially fill in my local
repository, but hopefully we can get this corrected.  Thanks, - Jon

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