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Re: [eclipselink-users] EclpseLink inside Eclipse embedded in a container?

Hi Bryan,
If I have Eclipse embedded in a container like Tomcat using the Equinox bridge, does EclpseLink then run inside Eclipse?  Does the container manage the entity managers, or is this case treated like the J2SE case?  Basically, I'm wondering how it's going to work when I create a plug-in that contains entities and then deploy that plug-in into Eclipse running inside Tomcat.  Has anyone tried this?
    I think you're treading on new ground here, but I don't see any problems running EcilpseLink OSGi inside Equinox inside Tomcat.  The only caveat I'd mention is the use of bytecode weaving.  I know there are issues with Tomcat class loading in the Java SE case so don't expect bytecode weaving to work out of the box.  We haven't explored the Tomcat/Equinox deployment scenario so perhaps bytecode weaving will be possible once we dig into it.  I just can say at this point.


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