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Re: [eclipselink-users] Hibernate ID Migration

I would recommend you migrate this generator to a SEQUENCE or TABLE generated
Id (and use a pre-allocation size).

EclipseLink (and JPA) do not have a UUID generator, you could implement your
own through subclassing the Sequence class
(org.eclipse.persistence.sequencing) (and perhaps contribute it to
EclipseLink), but I would recommend you use one of the standard id

Frans Thamura-2 wrote:
> hi there
> I try to migrate my opensource project, called cimande.
>, located in /branch/cimande-jpa
> i have problem with this, and is there a syntax for this syntax
> replacement
>     /**
>      * @return Returns the id.
>      * generator-class="uuid.hex" length="28"
> unsaved-value="0"
>      */
>     @Id() @GeneratedValue(generator="system-uuid")
>     @GenericGenerator(name="system-uuid", strategy = "uuid")
>     public String getId() {
>         return id;
>     }
> the source is from org.blueoxygen.cimande.DefaultPersistance
> F

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