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Re: [eclipselink-users] How do map a Number[] Array to a VARRAY in EclipseLink

EclipseLink supports most structured object-relational data-types including
VARRAY.  There is no annotation support yet, but you can define the mapping
using a DescriptorCustomizer.  For a collection of numbers into a VARRAY,
you would use the ArrayMapping

In general JPA does supports Collection, Set and List, not arrays, so
perhaps use a List in your object model, (otherwise transform array to List
in property get/set methods).  Generally Java Collections are much more
useful than arrays.

Zummy wrote:
> How do I map a Number[] array to a VARRAY (an array stored in a column) in
> EclipseLink?  Is there an annotation for this yet?  Right now I am using
> JDBC, I would like to move to annontations with JPA in an Entity.
> Thanks, John

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