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[eclipselink-users] EclipseLink 1.0 Bugs/ERs

EclipseLink Community,
We are starting to see an increased inflow of bugs and enhancements request from users outside of the committer group. This is great news as it shows that the community is growing and many people are interested in our pre-1.0 milestones.
We are still working towards a release in July and need to start carefully managing the number of bugs we target for 1.0.  In an ideal world we would address all issues before our 1.0 release but that is not going to be possible. It is better that we ship on time and gain reliability for our release dates then try to fix every issue.
To address the bugs that we will not be able to fix in 1.0 I am going to be adding a 1.0.1 target milestone to the bugzilla database. This release is intended to roll-up additional bug fixes that do not make the 1.0 release in a short time period after the release. We were thinking that 1.0.1 shipping at 3 months or less from the 1.0 date is a good target.
As un-targeted bugs are reviewed they will be assigned to the 1.0.1 or 1.1 targets if they cannot be fixed by 1.0. If you have a bug that you see assigned to one of these that you believe is critical for the 1.0 release please update the bug with the rationale and if there is still some question we can address it in our weekly meeting.
I just wanted to give you a heads-up on the new 1.0.1 target milestone which I will add later this week assuming there is no feedback on this plan that will require more discussion.

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