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Re: [eclipselink-users] Problems with upgrade to Eclipselink M6

2008/5/5 Guy Pelletier <guy.pelletier@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> This looks like a bug.
>  Do you have any persistence methods that are defined similar to getA? That
> is, that have a single character after the 'get'?

No, i don't find any getter method like this.

Deleting line by line the <class> .. </class> on persistence.xml i
found some classes that could create the problem, but it is not simple
in that way to find the classes that actually has the problem.

Anyway one of this classes has a method like :

public Class1 get(int index) {...}

and if i mark it as @Transient, it works.

I think this is not a getter method and it has to be ignored,  maybe
this is the cause of the problem.

Bye, thanks for thelp

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