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[eclipselink-users] Performance questions EclipseLink vs. Hibernate


Today we noticed differences in performance between EclipseLink and Hibernate.

We had made up a test case with a big list of objects(Entities). Each Enitity has references to other Entities / list of Entities.
Some of these Entities are shared and others are new.

To save one Entity from the main list took about 780 milliseconds to persist the whole Object graph into the db. There was not much difference between EclipseLink and Hibernate in this case.

But when we iterated through the big list of entities and persisted them one by one, there was a big difference between EclipseLink and Hibernate. We tried one transaction for the whole list and also a single transaction per Entity in the list.

Hibernate succeeded in every case and was much faster then EclipseLink (sometimes 50% faster). EclipseLink only succeeded when saving one Entity per transaction, during the other cases (saving the whole list of objects in one transaction) we did get "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space". EclipseLink used almost 15 minutes to complete and Hibernate did the same in 9 minutes.

Based on our results we would go for Hibernate at the moment. But are there ways to speed up performance in EclipseLink? Why is there so much difference in performance between Hibernate and EclipseLink.


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