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Re: [eclipselink-users] EclipseLink Example: Editor Based CRUD with JFace Databinding (Derby DB)


The first step is to open a bug describing the contribution.  The bug will also serve as the place where the contribution is made via an attachment.

Depending on the size of the contribution there are different steps that would need to be taken to contribute the code.  Once the bug is setup, we can guide you through the process, depending on the size and scope of the contribution.

This link describes at a high level how things work:

More detailed information, pertaining to the licensing:


Shaun Smith wrote:
Congratulations Tim!  I'd definitely be interested in seeing the code contributed.  Depending on how much code there is the process varies.  If you want chat about the process give me a call at the number in my .sig below.  I'm in Toronto in Eastern time.


Tim Hollosy wrote:
Thanks to everyone on the mailing list we were able to complete a
simple crud with relative ease. I'm pleased to say much more time was
spent getting JFace Databinding to work than EclipseLink  :)

We've got 2 views: A publisher view & a title view, both open their
respective editors.

>From the publisher editor you may: Rename a publisher,
view/add/delete/update respective titles
>From the title editor you may: Edit format/name, change publisher.

The editors also all use JFace Databinding and use TableViewers,
ComboViewers with JFace Databinding. As a consequence of using JFace
Databinding the entities must have JavaBeans PropertyChangeSupport,
for that reason our entities extend a BaseEntity class and have some
extra code in the setters to fire propertychange events.

The CRUD consists of 3 plugin projects: : Base Plugin, sets up default perspective, has
the eclipse product Contains the entities, sets up the EMF, etc. All the views & editors


Anon SVN:

We'd like to contribute the code to EclipseLink, any help in
refactoring to the appropriate package names & getting the correct
copyright notices, etc. in would be helpful.

Also, of course we'd like some more experienced JPA eyes to take a
look at this to make sure we're not doing something completely stupid.

Warning: There is close to no documentation, so if you see something
that we're doing that looks odd and would like an explanation let me

Thanks again!
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