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[eclipselink-users] EclipseLink Example: Editor Based CRUD with JFace Databinding (Derby DB)

Thanks to everyone on the mailing list we were able to complete a
simple crud with relative ease. I'm pleased to say much more time was
spent getting JFace Databinding to work than EclipseLink  :)

We've got 2 views: A publisher view & a title view, both open their
respective editors.

>From the publisher editor you may: Rename a publisher,
view/add/delete/update respective titles
>From the title editor you may: Edit format/name, change publisher.

The editors also all use JFace Databinding and use TableViewers,
ComboViewers with JFace Databinding. As a consequence of using JFace
Databinding the entities must have JavaBeans PropertyChangeSupport,
for that reason our entities extend a BaseEntity class and have some
extra code in the setters to fire propertychange events.

The CRUD consists of 3 plugin projects: : Base Plugin, sets up default perspective, has
the eclipse product Contains the entities, sets up the EMF, etc. All the views & editors


Anon SVN:

We'd like to contribute the code to EclipseLink, any help in
refactoring to the appropriate package names & getting the correct
copyright notices, etc. in would be helpful.

Also, of course we'd like some more experienced JPA eyes to take a
look at this to make sure we're not doing something completely stupid.

Warning: There is close to no documentation, so if you see something
that we're doing that looks odd and would like an explanation let me

Thanks again!

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