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[eclipselink-users] JPA, Lazy Loading, Weaving

Hi there,

I am currently looking into EclipseLink as an alternative for Toplink Essentials in GlassFish. After some persistence.xml adaptation, all looked surprisingly well -- except for one crucial thing: Mappings with FetchType.LAZY showed up empty.

I figured that probably weaving wasn't working -- no surprise there, as I hadn't done anything to make it work. Now, the documentation states that there should be a library named "eclipselink-agent.jar", but there is no such thing in the M3 distribution. Turning off weaving by setting "persistence.tool.weaving" to "false" in persistence.xml didn't solve my LAZY-mapping issue either.

So, does this mean that indirection / weaving is just not ready yet? Or maybe I'm missing something?

Btw, as this is my first post to the list: Oracle did the right thing. Having a mature, open source JPA implementation with cluster-aware caching ready is a very, very exciting perspective. Looks like EclipseLink could become the JPA implementation-with-no-downside that everybody is looking for.


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