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Re: [eclipselink-users] Design/Architecture docs

There is an initial EclipseLink architecture document at,

which is slowly being expanded, it currently has a few diagrams in it.

I'm not certain if the historical TopLink design documents will be
submitted, but I agree that this would be desirable.

AswinD wrote:
> Hello,
>         I was just wondering whether Oracle will be sharing some of the
> original design /architecture docs associated with Oracle TopLink. What I
> mean by this why certain design considerations were made etc. 
> If its not possible I was wondering whether there is interest in this
> community from other contributors to come up with some design/architecture
> diagrams of some of the key packages in TopLink that get used frequently
> such as
> 1) Expressions 2) Transactions i.e. UnitOfWork 3) Sessions 4) Identity
> Maps. Of course opinions may differ on what packages get used frequently.
> I presume a lot of code will be added in the near future but I am not sure
> what sort of design docs are going to be generated. 
> My interest is in sequence  diagrams, class diagrams and the like. This
> can also be useful for the online book that James Sutherland has sent a
> link.  
> Other interests would be documenting what sort of design/architecture
> patterns have gone into the implementation of Oracle TopLink. Looking at
> the source code I can see quite a few already. 
> Any interest in this sort of documentation ?
> Thanks & regards,
> Aswin.

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