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[eclipselink-users] Design/Architecture docs

        I was just wondering whether Oracle will be sharing some of the
original design /architecture docs associated with Oracle TopLink. What I
mean by this why certain design considerations were made etc. 

If its not possible I was wondering whether there is interest in this
community from other contributors to come up with some design/architecture
diagrams of some of the key packages in TopLink that get used frequently
such as
1) Expressions 2) Transactions i.e. UnitOfWork 3) Sessions 4) Identity Maps.
Of course opinions may differ on what packages get used frequently. I
presume a lot of code will be added in the near future but I am not sure
what sort of design docs are going to be generated. 
My interest is in sequence  diagrams, class diagrams and the like. This can
also be useful for the online book that James Sutherland has sent a link.  
Other interests would be documenting what sort of design/architecture
patterns have gone into the implementation of Oracle TopLink. Looking at the
source code I can see quite a few already. 

Any interest in this sort of documentation ?
Thanks & regards,
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