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RE: [eclipselink-users] JDBC database access?


I am interested in evolving EclipseLink to also appeal to those more interest in direct database access. My thought were along the lines of simplified JPA configuration (XML) where some native SQL/StoredProcedure operations could be defined without necessarily having to map to any entities. 

The goal being that consumers who have very basic persistence needs and might not want to go as far as full object-relational mapping could still use EclipseLink. This would then enable them to stay with the same solution as their requirements evolve.

This style of usage would act as a basic facade over EclipseLink's existing connection pooling and database platform abstractions. The user could invoke their pre-defined or dynamic SQL/StoredProcedure getting the result back in whatever shape they want (row, map, Java class, or XML). 

This sounds similar to what you are describing so I am hopeful that there is some synergy. Our connection pooling is somewhat rudimentary but our database-platform abstractions offer a great deal of database independence.


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Does EclipseLink have any provisions or interest in direct JDBC
database access?  I've written an OSGi service that allows code to
obtain a database Connection that allows databases to be plugged in as
extensions.  The service also supports connection pooling, and we've
found it very handy for cases where we need to talk directly to the

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