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RE: [eclipselink-users] JDBC database access?

Hey Bryan,
   Both of these ideas (OSGi jpa support and this database service) sound very interesting.  Although we are in the initial stages of getting the project up and running OSGi support is something we are eager to resolve.  I do not believe any of the committers have taken this on yet but we would be glad to hear your ideas.  If you could update the existing enhancement request ( ) and add your thoughts it would go a long way to getting the train moving on our OSGi support.  Additional bugs may be needed to cover some of the complications we will encounter specific to JPA and weaving.
   In answer to your qestion, yes, EclipseLink can use direct JDBC database access.  Specifically you can look at the Login, DatasourceLogin, DatabaseLogin, Connector, DefaultConnector and DirectConnector classes.
Thanks for the input,

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Does EclipseLink have any provisions or interest in direct JDBC
database access?  I've written an OSGi service that allows code to
obtain a database Connection that allows databases to be plugged in as
extensions.  The service also supports connection pooling, and we've
found it very handy for cases where we need to talk directly to the

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