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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Building master

Hi Will,

	I hope that I'll answer for Your questions now. I'll update WiKi at GitHub too.
	Following steps You have to do to execute tests in org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.jse.test module.
	1. mvn install
		Full build (without Oracle Extensions), but with SRG tests too against Apache Derby (started automatically during a build) ~30min (my laptop)
	   mvn clean install -DskipTests
		Full build (without Oracle Extensions), but without Unit & integrations tests. It takes ~10min  (my laptop).
	2. JPA JSE tests
		mvn verify -pl :org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.jse.test -Pmysql
			verify...means execute JUnit tests and integration tests too (when You will try instead of this "mvn test" no any JPA JSE test will be executed, because all of them are integration tests)
-pl tests (build, clean) only this module from the project. You can specify there multiple modules if You want (separated by comma). e.g. line 85
			-Pmysql...use MySQL db. When You skip this part, Apache Derby with InMemmory mode will be used (started automatically during a build)
		after some code change You don't have build everything again but You can compile just affected module e.g.
			mvn clean install -pl :org.eclipse.persistence.jpa -DskipTests (just (re)build JPA module)
			mvn verify -pl :org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.jse.test -Pmysql (build and execute JPA.JSE tests against MySQL DB)
	3. DB properties
There is something like fallback. At first build tries to load property file from user home directory. If file is not available there, it loads default one from $PROJECT_HOME/buildsystem/mavenize/ see . If You have different DB settings, than default, just copy file from there to Your home directory and change content (urs, pwd, URL).
		Yes there is filename change into el-tests.<DB name/JEE server name>.properties . I decided, that, file names are too generic and can leads into collision with other SW.

	4. DB support for integration tests
Currently there is support for Derby (default), MySQL, Oracle. But another DB support can be easily added into build files (pom.xml). It's mainly about parent pom
			reference to the property file like 73
			dependency for JDBC driver there like 159, 496
			profile like 1117
		and create property file at

		But another thing are tests. Most of them are generic ,but some of them are designed to MySQL, or Oracle DB.

				Thank You Radek

On 12/18/19 6:58 AM, William Dazey wrote:
So, I tried building master locally today (I don't really do it very often anymore and stick mostly to 2.6 & 2.7) and I gotta say, I'm really confused as to what I need to run. I tried following the instructions on the wiki ( <>) to run tests, but it only ever ends up building everything...

Granted, I don't have much experience with maven, but I just want to run the jpa-jse bucket locally. ` |mvn verify -Pmysql,test-jpa-jse|` seems to build everything and runs every single testbucket. I can see the console running core tests and jpql test... Also, I didn't specify connection information for mysql. What connection information is it using?

Also, is it just me or does the build take like 20 minutes to run now with maven. Ive run it several times and it seems like everything is downloaded, but it still takes forever to build.

Also also, my HOME/ aren't being used anymore, right? How do I run tests against other databases? DB2? SQLServer? In the past, I just set the `db.user, db.pwd, db.url, ect` properties in my file, but that doesnt seem to be looked at anymore.

Will Dazey

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