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Re: [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink Update Compdeps fails

Hi Will,

sorry, but this job wasn't migrated into new build (cloud based) infrastructure. Because in the new Jenkins there is no persistence store to keep files across builds. Directories like /opt/public/rt/eclipselink or /home/data/httpd/ must be populated every time, when job is started/ended.
	In 2.7 branch build job during a start download dependencies see:
	and compilation dependencies are prepared

	At the end it uploads results with

The simplest solution could be just on the beging of the job via scp,http (wget) download/populate all required directories and at the end push via scp results to the download server (before migration mounted as /home/data/httpd/ directory).

												Thank You
												Radek Felcman

On 12/12/19 8:38 PM, William Dazey wrote:
We recently have been working on updating EclipseLink for ASM 7.2, but we are hitting an issue running the compdeps build for 2.6_WAS!

Does anyone have access/experience with this? <>

Will Dazey

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