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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Time to cut a new 2.7?

On 9/24/19 5:27 PM, Jody Grassel wrote:
It's been a very long time since a version of Eclipselink 2.7 was cut (thought this was supposed to be done quarterly?)  With the update to ASM 7.1, perhaps now is a good time to cut a new one?

that is on the table. We should see if we managed to fix an issue we had tomorrow, so far it seems to be on the good way but keep fingers crossed.

Few remaining TODOs, if you/anyone want(s) to help with them:
- compare PRs merged to master with those in 2.7 to see if something worth to be in 2.7 is there, eventually prepare PR backporting what is missing (or what is in 2.7 and not in master)
- fix for bug 550542 (PR #530) is something we really want to have in 2.7
- go through open PRs and close (either merge or reject) ~50% of them
- evaluate open issues - I can see some of them can be closed as already fixed - Radek is currently investigating some Oracle DB related failures he noticed (..and Will apparently as well)

I believe that with some help, all this can be done by Monday. If it will be, and I believe it will, we'll work towards releasing 2.7.5 using new build infrastructure, so the old one can be retired (actually old one needs to be retired before new one can be enabled[1], so there will be some time during which travis will be the only thing running some builds/tests)



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