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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Moving EclipseLink repository to GitHub


On 2/21/18 1:02 PM, Dmitry Kornilov wrote:

As you possibly know EclipseLink project has been moved under EE4J umbrella. I am planning to move EclipseLink git repository to GitHub under eclipse-ee4j organization

any idea about *when* do you plan to do that?


where all other EE4J repositories are
hosted. It will bring us some advantages all GitHub advantages such as review tools, repo browser, etc.

It means:

- Current repository ( will be disabled, Its read only mirror on GitHub ( will be deleted.

- New repository will be created here: (link is inactive now). All content from the old repository will be copied there. It will be the *main* working repository. You will need to switch your working copies to it.

- Access will be granted to all committers having GitHub account filled in their Eclipse profile.

- Issues tracker is not going to be moved and will stay where it is now.

Here is an issue to track progress:

Let me know if you have any objections/suggestions.


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