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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Oracle extensions; dev and testing

On 11/20/17 10:54 PM, William Dazey wrote:
I recently was looking at the "" extension classes and was wondering how I can build this project.

the way I'm building this:

in ~/ I have set following properties:
eclipse.install.dir - pointer to eclipse ide/rcp folder - pointer to Oracle DB setup (contains props like db.driver, db.url, ...); I do also have following props set in this file:

oracle.sdoapi.lib=<you may not need this one, it's available in the DB>


if you're behind proxy, you will also need:
p2.director.additionalArgs=-pluginCustomization /path/to/proxy.ini

where proxy.ini contains:

 Id like to test
a patch I made to add support to Oracle12Platform for the FETCH and OFFSET added for v12, but it seems I cant build this project. I see there are like 11 dependency jars, is there an "easy" way of obtaining these dependencies so that I can build?

the easiest way I can think of is to use maven/gradle-like way as it is shown at or if you have the DB or SQL Developer, grab jars from there

Once you have this, all you need is to 'ant -f oraclebuild.xml build' which calls 'ant -f antbuild.xml build && ant -f antbuild.xml build'


 Itll be difficult to make
changes here if I cant at least build & test locally first.

Will Dazey

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