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[eclipselink-dev] StoredProcedureCall throwing exception

Hi All,


I am trying to call a PL/SQL stored procedure using JPA.


The stored procedure definition from is inside the package pkg_a and has definition as follows:


  procedure sp_validate_rules


    p_org_id         in org.org_id%type

    , p_rule         in out nocopy velocity_scrutiny_rules_tab



velocity_scrutiny_rules_tab (used as in out parameter in above stored procedure) is a TABLE OF OBJECTS (velocity_scrutiny_rules_rec ) is defined at the schema level and not the package level. The definition for OBJECT and the TABLE TYPE level are given below:



create or replace TYPE velocity_scrutiny_rules_rec  AS OBJECT


     id         NUMBER(10),

     is_failed  CHAR(1)




create or replace

TYPE velocity_scrutiny_rules_tab AS TABLE OF velocity_scrutiny_rules_rec


Attached herewith are the class containing method that calls this stored procedure and the exception I am getting in the logs.


What am I doing wrong? Does JPA need a mirror record type and table types at the package level as stored procedure?


-Ashish Sathaye



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