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[eclipselink-dev] Issue in calling stored procedure

I am trying to call an Oracle 11 stored procedure using JPA. Following is the stored procedure declaration.

The stored procedure is in a package.


procedure sp_validate_rules


    p_org_id         in org.org_id%type

    , p_rule         in out nocopy rules_tab



Whereas the type rules_rec and nested table rules_tab are at schema level and are defined as below.


create or replace TYPE rules_rec  AS OBJECT


     id         NUMBER(10),

     is_failed  CHAR(1)



create or replace TYPE rules_tab AS TABLE OF rules_rec



Code to call this SP (, the struct object (VelocityScrutinyRuleRec.jaca) and error from the logs (eclipselink.log) are attached herewith.

It seems from an error that it is being thrown from the PL SQL block in the log created by JPA internals. Is there something that I am doing wrong? I tried to debug and found that I always had the input parameter p_rule populated with one value when I called SP.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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