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[eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink OSGi manifest exports...


Tycho won't do qualifier substitution on any part of the manifest except the bundle-version when building manifest-first. We currently export eclipselink packages using "2.4.0.qualifier" in 2.4. Most eclipse teams simply export using "Major. minor" versions. This seemed imprecise but upon further discussion of the OSGi spec, and how the class/bundle loading works it now appears most concise. Major.minor are the only portions of the three part version that should be used to specify API contract compatibility. Specifying the full three part version is overkill, and should be unnecessary since bundle version (fully four part specified) is used to determine version "age".

As a result, I'm proposing altering all our manifests to both import and export based only upon "Major.minor" versions and to eliminate non-OSGi tags that specify .qualifier.

If you can think of any reason not to do this let me know ASAP. At a minimum I need to remove the exporting of .qualifier.



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