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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#356812 - database change notification

SVN trunk commit: Bug#356812 - database change notification


Code review: Andrei



- Additional tests for relationships.

- Added DatabaseChangeNotificationType enum (NONE, INVALIDATE)

- Added databaseChangeNotificationType to @Cache

- Added "eclipselink.cache.database-event-listener" persistence unit property.

- Added databaseChangeNotificationType to CachePolicy

- Changed CachePoliy initialize to inherit CacheIndex, databaseChangeNotificationType, and cacheCoordinationType

- Added setCacheCoordinationType to CachePolicy taking the enum

- Renamed DatabaseEventNotificationListener to DatabaseEventListener.

- Updated OracleChangeNotificationListener to use new config and initialization.

- Updated eclipselink-orm schema with databaseChangeNotificationType

- Updated JPA metadata with databaseChangeNotificationType and "eclipselink.cache.database-event-listener"

- Remove unused MetadataHelper in metadata columns

- Fixed logging message for defaulting table when using orm.xml to print class name, not orm file name.


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