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Re: [eclipselink-dev] fix for bug 322008

The JPA type checking in the EJBQueryImpl could be removed as well if a clear exception is raised during query execution.

Gordon Yorke wrote:
The checks that are occurring in EJBQueryImpl are for type checking and it should still be done in the EJBQueryImpl (this is JPA type checking) but you are correct in that Session properties should be used when executing an additionalJoinExpression outside or inside of an EM so the parameter values should be available during query execution.

We should be able to alter the target of the annotation once we support AdditionalCriteria on the mapping.


James Sutherland wrote:
The properties must be checked inside DatabaseQuery (or Expressions), not EJBQueryImpl (they must apply to all queries, not just JPA created queries).  Must check for Session properties, not EM (but EM properties should be Session properties).

JavaDoc should be nice html (<p> and <pre> for code).

Eventually the @AdditionalCriteria should also be supported on a mapping.

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    The Java Docs for AdditionalCriteria should not include implementation details (ie "and is appended with the following select...")
    I assume AdditionalCriteria is not supported with Native queries at all.
    setProperty is adding the property to the UOW twice.

How easily understood are the exceptions that are raised when the user does not provide the correct parameters to the query execution?  May want to update the code to throw a parameter failure specifically for the AdditionalCriteria

Otherwise looks good to me.

Guy Pelletier wrote:
A patch file for bug 322008 is now available for review.

Improve usability of additional criteria applied to queries at the session/EM

Please review and provide any feedback.


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