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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk/2.2 commit: Bug#283430 Index support

SVN trunk/2.2 commit: Bug#283430 Index support


Support was added for declaring database indexes through annotations, xml, and code.


Code review: Guy (pending)



- Added @Index @Indexes annotations

- Removed some dead code

- Added javadoc comment to ReturningPolicy, added generic collections

- Correct empty checking in SQLSelectStatement,

- Added indexes to DatabaseTable

- Made DDL artifacts on DatabaseTable lazy init

- Added platform support for indexes, accounted for MySQL index drop syntax

- Added IndexDefinition to schema framework

- Changed TableDefinition to use generic collections, added index support and refactored auto indexes for unique constraints

- Added index xml, annotations to DDL generation test model

- Added verifyDelete to JUnitTestCase to verify deletion worked correctly.

- Added tests to relationship model to test cache hits for isolated objects

- Added IndexMetadata and processing for annotations and xml


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