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Re: [eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk Commit: Bug# 301599 - avoid m-m join, 228428 , 263302

Revert the m-m id comparison optimization, caused test failure, and fix is more complicated than I realized.



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From: James Sutherland
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 1:21 PM
To: Eclipselink-Dev@Eclipse. Org (E-mail)
Subject: SVN trunk Commit: Bug# 301599 - avoid m-m join, 228428 , 263302


SVN trunk Commit: Bug# 301599 - avoid m-m join


Avoid join from m-m join table to target table when only the id is compared.


Code review: Andrei



- Optimize join in RelationExpression normalize for m-m id comparison, also avoid opt for 1-1 if a custom query mapping.

- Some micro opt, remvoed some dead code.

- Made ReadObjectQuery cache check only check the local unit of work cache, as the session cache is checked separately and was being checked twice.

- Changed AbstractDirectMapping to check for null and equality first to handle serialized objects correctly.

- Changed AbstractTransformationMapping

-- use List instead of Vector

-- fixed usage of indirection

-- mutable checks

-- compare byte arrays correctly

-- some cleanup, overrides

-- Avoid conforming in queries if the unit of work is empty.

-- Test for m-m join optimization.


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