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Re: [eclipselink-dev] batch writing, Statement vs PreparedStatement batch

No, currently there is no way to prevent the 'Dynamic SQL' / heterogeneous batching if batching is enabled.  Although in general, binding is enabled for the entire persistence unit and it would be difficult for users to turn binding off on a per query basis through the JPA APIs.

Goerler, Adrian wrote:
the property
<property name="eclipselink.jdbc.batch-writing" value="JDBC"/>
seems to enable the parameterized prepared-statement batching as well heterogeneous statement-batching.
I am a bit reluctant to allow heterogeneous batching (on MaxDB) as the behaviour is a bit strange.
Is there a way to enable parameterized prepared-statement batching but to disable heterogeneous statement batching? E.g. could I switch off the heterogeneous batching in a database platform?
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