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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for 316318 and 316323 for compiling and running JUnit target for eclipselink.jpa.wdf.test - ready for review

Adrian, Andreas,
Hi, the following 2 patches are available for review that do minor modifications to the WDF test suite that we discussed in the Summit

316318: jpa.wdf.test refactor eclipse classpath from plugins to orbit for ejb3 and transaction API sub projects to avoid version conflicts
.classpath changed for Eclipse so that wdf can compile under various versions of Eclipse (by using the orbit versions of javax.transaction and javax.ejb)

316323: jpa.wdf.test JUnit target requires JDBC_LIB CP variable instead of hardcoded MySQL driver jar reference
update the provided JUnit test target so that it can run on any JDBC platform via the existing JDBC_LIB classpath variable defined via

   thank you for the target and test suite.

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