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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for enhancement bug 312503: Core: IdentityMapAccessor.invalidateClass() should invalidate a subtree when recurse is false

A patch file for enhancement bug# 312503 is now available for review before check-in. This core change is in support of root bug #248780

   See line# 837 of
   Invalidation default behavior is unaffected
       invalidate(B) where  A <--- B <--- C  = A <--- B(i) <--- C
Invalidation when the recurse flag = false now invalidates the entire subtree from an inner root
       invalidate(B,false) where  A <--- B <--- C  = A <--- B(i) <--- C(i)

A documentation release note is required
- previously when the (non-default) recurse flag of false was used - only the single class inside the tree was invalidated
- now the entire subtree is invalidated
- using the default behavior of recurse=true has unaffected functionality - and removes the entire tree up to the root

   thank you

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