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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 312253 - No-Weaving: Using an Entity mapped as a subclass as @MapKey exceptions thrown on flush when persisting a new Map Element

Fixed in the trunk stream.

Reviewed by Chris Delahunt

The fix does two things:

1. When looking for the descriptor to create a change set for a Map, look for the descriptor of the actual target value instead of the reference descriptor for the mapping

2. Ensure that the values we merge are wrapped as Map.Entries when building that change set.

Added a test to InheritenceTestModel. That test creates a situation where the issue will be recreated when weaving is disabled and hence will only recrate the problem when these tests are run without weaving. Since this issue is non-deterministic, this test will act differently depending on the path that gets followed. It does, however, recreate the above situation when weaving is disabled.

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