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Re: [eclipselink-dev] questions while running JPA JUnit tests

Hi Tom,

I implemented a listener to change the transaction isolation level to READ_UNCOMMITTED for just these tests. It is working fine.


On 25/12/2009 01:48, Tom Ware wrote:
Hi Dies,

A number of those tests are in the SRG model.

Ideally, we should implement a similar listener to the one used on
Sybase. I am wondering if that will cause similar problems to DDL
generation. If that is the case, I suspect we will have to run those
tests with the transaction isolation level set appropriately. If we do
that, we may want to have the tests throw an exception when they fail on
Symfoware indicating the transaction isolation level may need to be set.


Dies Koper wrote:
Hi Tom,

For the locking issue, if your only issues in the Core SRG is in the
AutoTableGeneratorBasicTestModel, I think we can consider those
tests to
be passing, lets not worry about those for now.

It is also the following Core tests:
- ComplexMultipleUnitOfWorkTest (RESPONS table)
- UnitOfWorkResumeOnFailureTest (RESPONS table)
- UnitOfWorkComplexRefreshTest (ADDRESS table)
- MultipleUnitOfWorkTest (EMPLOYEE table)
- UnitOfWorkResumeOnFailureTest (RESPONS table)
- ViolateObjectSpaceTest (EMPLOYEE table)
- NoValidationWithInitIdentityMaps (EMPLOYEE table)

Do the suites containing these tests run successfully when run

I wasn't able to run them individually, but these turned out to be a
different issue. I got them to pass by changing the DB's isolation
Each of these tests (and no other but these tests) had the following

// On some platforms (Sybase) if conn1 updates a row but hasn't yet
committed transaction then
// reading the row through conn2 may hang.
// To avoid this problem the listener would decrement transaction
isolation level,
// then reading through conn2 no longer hangs, however may result
(results on Sybase)
// in reading of uncommitted data.

I haven't checked yet whether these tests are included in the SRT, but
what do you think, shall I try copying Sybase's listener to do the
same for Symfoware, change it so it can be shared with Symfoware, or
just run the tests in READ_UNCOMMITTED from now on?


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