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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Proposal for how Community-contributed DatabasePlatform could be promoted from incubation

Hi Dies,

I picked the SRG because they do a good job of covering the most common CRUD functions and most of the datatypes. The point is not to cover the majority of code in DatabasePlatform. The point is to ensure the most commonly used functionality in EclipseLink is covered.

My initial thought is that we do not want to force a full implementation of all the fine features of DatabasePlatform. Instead, we want to document whether we have tested them or not and how well they work. The goal is to make it easier to include DatabasePlatforms that provide good basic functionality and allow the community to expand on them as new functionality is needed.

I am hoping the community will provide feedback about whether that strategy works for them and as part of that, the list of tests we require is completely negotiable.

Thanks for submitting feedback, the more initial feedback we get the better our initial process will be. After that, we can still alter the process, but I hope to have the fundamentals ironed out soon.


Dies Koper wrote:
Hi Tom,

I have added my comments to the linked discussion page.

 > - The tests that should run successfully for initial integration

How did you pick the SRG test sets as criteria?
Have you tried running a coverage tool to see what test group covers most of the methods in a platform class and its superclasses?


On 23/12/2009 06:16, Tom Ware wrote:
Hi All,

The following wiki page contains a proposal for how we can make it
easier for community-contributed DatabasePlatforms to be promoted from
Incubation to the product.

Please provide feedback. (including but not limited to)

- The process itself
- The tests that should run successfully for initial integration
- The contents of the functionality check-list
- How we should document of the level of functionality of a particular
database platform
- The class-comment format
- The certification process

Thanks in advance,

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