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Re: [eclipselink-dev] questions while running JPA JUnit tests

Hi Tom,

For the locking issue, if your only issues in the Core SRG is in the
AutoTableGeneratorBasicTestModel, I think we can consider those tests to
be passing, lets not worry about those for now.

It is also the following Core tests:
- ComplexMultipleUnitOfWorkTest (RESPONS table)
- UnitOfWorkResumeOnFailureTest (RESPONS table)
- UnitOfWorkComplexRefreshTest (ADDRESS table)
- MultipleUnitOfWorkTest (EMPLOYEE table)
- UnitOfWorkResumeOnFailureTest (RESPONS table)
- ViolateObjectSpaceTest (EMPLOYEE table)
- NoValidationWithInitIdentityMaps (EMPLOYEE table)

Do the suites containing these tests run successfully when run

I wasn't able to run them individually, but these turned out to be a different issue. I got them to pass by changing the DB's isolation mode to READ_UNCOMMITTED. Each of these tests (and no other but these tests) had the following comment:

// On some platforms (Sybase) if conn1 updates a row but hasn't yet committed transaction then
    // reading the row through conn2 may hang.
// To avoid this problem the listener would decrement transaction isolation level, // then reading through conn2 no longer hangs, however may result (results on Sybase)
    // in reading of uncommitted data.

I haven't checked yet whether these tests are included in the SRT, but what do you think, shall I try copying Sybase's listener to do the same for Symfoware, change it so it can be shared with Symfoware, or just run the tests in READ_UNCOMMITTED from now on?


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