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[eclipselink-dev] SVN main commit: Bug#265701 - JPA Oracle XML test failure

SVN main commit: Bug#265701 - JPA Oracle XML test failure


Fix JPA LRG test failure in Oracle JPA model.  Fixed Oracle JPA tests, and XMLType mapping.


Code review: Yiping (pending)



- Package timestamptz model so it can be run outside server

- Fix case in Oracle custom feature Employee, move customizer to annotation (was using invalid property before, so was not used)

- Change Document mapping to @Basic from @Transient, as need for weaving

- Made customizer use correct superclass, not deprecated one

- Fix error handling and persist resume in Oracle XML tests

- Fix timestamptz model to run correctly outside server

- Add CustomFeature and Timestamptz tests to OracleJPA model

- Remove OCI check from XDB model, works in thin as of 11g

- Fix XMLType mapping to check mutable, compare String correctly, override correct methods, support converters

- Fix XMLTypeFactory to close XMLType

- Change JPA LRG to run all JPA tests, AllCMP3TestRunModel instead of FullRegressionTestSuite

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