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Re: [eclipselink-dev] 293032: patch available for review of oracle test build.

Merged changes. needed for Edwin to move forward with scripted testing changes.

Eric Gwin wrote:
Changes made in this patch:
- Fixes to allow override of full lib variable for oracle deps had been setup to depend upon oracle dependency jars in either ${oracle.extension.depend.dir} or ${extension.depend.dir}. changed to allow another option - overridden definition of
   the lib variable (full path to jar).
This was made to allow QA the flexibility to override definitions for certain platforms. - Also formally update the conventions to explicitly define some previously fuzzy standards (though predominantly used previously)

Currently, the oracle tests do not run properly in the scripted nightly runs. This change is to fix the pathing assumptions causing the failures.
Several previous changes were made to:
- allow QA to test without rebuilding product jars
- not contain duplicate path entries
- verify all dependencies before execution.

Changes needing to be made still:
- have not yet adopted the static target model discussed and agreed upon (test-against-jar: will only test against eclipselink.jar)
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