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[eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink Eclipse 3.5 IDE developers - javax.persistence project update

Eclipse IDE developers only,
For existing developers that use the Eclipse IDE projects in SVN - there was a recent change to the javax.persistence manifest today that required extra work for Eclipse and BND in

   For new imports of our SVN repository you can skip step 2 and 3

You will need to do 4 things to pick up this plug-in change (or you will see compile errors all the way to step 6
      1 - update to SVN rev# 5845
At this point everything will still compile but you will not be picking up the 2.0.0 project id (because of an Eclipse PDE issue) 2 - delete your old javax.persistence 1.99 project in the Eclipse IDE (uncheck remove files - keep them) - a simple refresh will not pick up the 2.0.0 version because of an Eclipse 3.5 PDE issue
      3 - import the new javax.persistence 2.0.0 project
      4 - refresh all IDE projects
5 - clean all IDE projects - this will fix any secondary class references (ie metamodel.test compilation)
      6 - close and restart Eclipse - this will pick up the PDE change
         - you should end up with warnings only

   thank you

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