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[eclipselink-dev] Bug Fixes bugs 287718 and 294811 - Fixed derived ids in maps and allow pluggable archive factory

derived ids and maps

- clean up code for metamodel generation and maps
- fix JPQL KEY() notation with a composite PK that has derived ID as part of it
- fix Reading of Object with a composite PK that has derived ID as part of it

Parts reviewed by Michael O'Brien, Guy Pelletier and Gordon Yorke

Added test to JPQL test model and derived id model and ran full testing for JPA and core.

 allow pluggable archive factory

Adds system property eclipselink.archive.factory that allows user to specify the class of an ArchiveFactory for EclipseLink to use. Can be used to extend our archive to support to archives that are currently not supported. The initial bug refers to WebStart and will not be closed as this bug only provides a way for the user to use their own classes

tested manually and with full regression suites in JPA and Core

Reviewed by Andrei Ilitchev

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