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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Summary of Test build meeting...

I did forget to mention we did talk about minimal classpaths. I don't recall if it was determined (or assumed) if we should make an effort at this time to re-factor to use minimal jar dependencies.


Eric Gwin wrote:

Yesterday a meeting was held between all parties who expressed interest in the test rework plan. Below is a summary of the revised plan:

- Test builds will all have config specific compile and run targets
- for example: compile-against-jar, compile-against-bundles, compile-against-classes and run-against-jar, run-against.... - JPA will need to have the eclipselink.jar in the CP, even for compile-against-classes (unless including the resources works
    for the processing of _classes).
- run will not depend upon compile
  - MOXy and SDO will have the run dependency upon compile broken
  - default component targets will still
- default execution paths will use ...against-jar
- There needs to be a documented means of testing against a specific build (jar or bundle) - Maven was chosen as the desired mechanism for retrieving specific builds for testing - It was determined that the Maven-test scripts were beyond scope of this particular effort
 - QA was going to investigate getting this process going
- It was also determined that with Maven in place there would be little need to have eclipselink.jar commited post-build to SVN
   (But that is also beyond scope)
- a desire was expressed for a way to assemble the bundles and jars without forcing a compile - developers would like a way to use Eclipse generated classes to run against-jar tests. - I will investigate. It should be a simple matter of an additional high level target (Again it is slightly out of scope).

Did I miss anything?


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